With our skilled and licensed drivers, along with dedicated office staff, we will professionally and safely provide you with a successful and on-time move each and every time.

Heavy Haul

We specialize in hauling oversize and/or overweight Equipment, Tractors, Machinery, Superloads and much more.
We have a variety of Lowboy Trailers, Flatbeds, Dropbeds, and Superload Trucks to suit your needs.
We can take the headaches and stress out of your moves by scheduling the machine tear down or helping in any way to make your job easier.

Pilot Car (Escort)

We will provide your company with a pilot car service to escort the movement of your oversize load. We can provide you with front and rear escort vehicles and height-pole if required.

Repairs and Road Calls

We provide Repair Services for your Truck, Trailer or Equipment whether it is in our shop, your shop, on the road, or on job site.
Call 419-865-0245 For more info.